Business Travel Requirements for an India Visa for Australian Citizens

Choosing to process an application through our website means having the approved e-Tourist Visa in hands. E-Tourist Visa Online Application is double-checked before submission. Once completed the entire process, the request will be reviewed and then submitted. Applicants usually receive their visas within 12 to 16 hours if they apply for urgent processing. However, some may take longer to process up to 5 to 7 working days.

Visa Validity

Visa is valid from the date of issue. Entry and exit must occur within the validity of the visa. The validity of the issued visa is at the discretion of the Embassy/Consulate and may vary to that advertised.


Duration of Stay

Holders of this visa can remain in the country for the entire validity of the visa. Please note: Persons holding visas with a validity of longer than 6 months who are intending on remaining in India longer than 180 days must register with the Foreigner’s Regional Registration Offices in India as soon as possible after arrival. Please check the special endorsements section of the issued visa for any stipulations on when registration may be required by. The duration of stay issued on the visa is at the discretion of the Embassy/Consulate and may vary to that advertised.


The applicant’s actual passport. The passport must:

  • Be valid for six months beyond the expiry date of the visa
  • Have two blank facing visa pages
  • Be Machine Readable
  • Holders of handwritten passports will not be permitted entry into India. Passports must be Machine Readable.

Letter of Invitation

For visa requests with validity greater than 6 months, a letter of invitation from the applicant’s host is required. A copy is acceptable. This letter must:

  • Be on company letterhead including the full address and contact details of the host
  • Be addressed to Indian High Commission
  • Specify the purpose and duration of stay
  • Specify the type of visa, validity, and number of entries requested (must match what is requested on the visa application form)
  • Include an acceptance of financial responsibility for the applicant
  • Be signed by the applicant’s host

Indian Emergency Service

The Indian Emergency Service is available to customers who will not be able to obtain their visa within the standard visa issuing delays. Applicants must be able to provide a confirmed flight itinerary showing departure ex Australia within 48-72 hours from the date of visa lodgement to have their request considered. This is not a guaranteed service and is subject to approval by the local Indian Consulate or Embassy. The Emergency Service is not available to:

  • Non-Australian passport holders in possession of Temporary Residency visas for Australia
  • Non-Australian passport holders who have not been Permanent Residents of Australia for 2 years or more
  • For more information regarding this service please contact Visas Direct.

What is Indian e Tourist Visa Provides the Refund Policy?

The process is entirely electronic for India Visa Application and can be submitted online, and e Visa approval (authority to enter India) will be sent through concern email. To get electronically issued India e-Visa, there is no need of original passport submission or any other original documents for Indian visa application Form processing. The Tourist has to submit his/her application on this website, using Online Application form and paid the visa fee. The Tourist will get a confirmation by email after submission your e-Tourist visa application.

E-Visa India- Refund Policy:-

A full discount will be made accessible to all clients who have made their application through this web on account of use refusal by the Indian Government.


Should you choose to ask for a discount, after your application has been submitted, we will never again have the capacity to discount the Government charge, in any case you can apply to be considered for getting a discount of organization application benefit expense.


Note: If once you have gotten your affirmed visa letter, a discount will never again be accessible.


When you have presented your application with us, it is accepted and concurred that we will start the application procedure inside the regarded time period (110 days before your inexact date of landing).


Getting to this web and utilizing its administrations implies you, as the client, completely consent to reimburse and hold safe and in addition the organization’s specialists, representatives and investors. You forgo your entitlement to seek after any lawful charges against this organization.


  • On the off chance that you wish to ask for a discount, email us at


  • All discount solicitations will be prepared inside 72 hours of the underlying solicitation.


  • If you don’t mind incorporate the installment id, application id and email address in your discount email.

What are the Terms and conditions Mandatory for Indian Tourist Visa

All international travelers must have a valid Tourist visa before they begin their travel to India. Tourist may apply for Indian Tourist visa anytime and arrive at selected Indian airports and the stay will be valid for maximum of 60 days from the date of entry in India. Tourists can also avail this facility within 18 to 24 business hours for urgent travels. Travelers may also contact the customer care through phone or email for other travel services. The process is entirely electronic for India Visa Application and can be submitted online, and e Visa approval (authority to enter India) will be sent through concern email. To get electronically issued India e Visa, there is no need of original passport submission or any other original documents for visa application processing. The travelers have to submit his/her application on this website, using Online Application form and paid the Indian visa fee. The traveler will get a confirmation by email after submission your e Tourist visa application.


Terms and conditions identified with section into India:-

  • Simply getting a visa endorsement does not make a candidate qualified to get entrance into the Indian Territory. The migration officers at assigned airplane terminals and seaports are the sole experts controlling the flood of International voyagers into India.


  • They have the watchfulness of not enabling certain individuals to enter India. They are not qualified for give a particular explanations behind disavowal of the guest’s entrance into India.


  • The International visitors need to enjoy just those exercises for which the e visa has been issued.



  • The e visas have a legitimacy of 60 days from the date of landing of the explorer into India. The legitimacy can’t be expanded.


  • The voyagers who have connected for e visa don’t access the restricted or touchy zones in India. They are at risk to be indicted on the off chance that they are discovered enjoying it.



  • The e vacationer visas and e business visas are substantial for twofold section while the e restorative visas are qualified for triple passage.


  • Passage into the Indian Territory is permitted just at the assigned airplane terminals and seaports whose rundown has been given in the Instructions to candidate segment.



  • The International explorers need to keep the directions of the nearby organization falling flat which he/she is at risk to be expelled.


E Tourist Visa Application:- isn’t subsidiary with Indian government or some other such association. It just causes you to get your visa handled with no obstacles and tries its level best to get it endorsed in the previously mentioned time. You can specifically buy your visa with the administration site on the off chance that you expect to do as such. All voyagers anticipating go to India under the Tourist Visa on Arrival Scheme are asked for to convey the printout of their affirmed Electronic Travel Authorization sent through email by the Bureau of Immigration.

What are the Conditions Applying for Indian e Tourist Visa

Terms and Conditions:-

The candidates applying for Indian e visa administrations or crisis e visa administrations need to take discernment of the way that the support of inner security is a standout amongst the most organized part of any nation. In like manner the legislature of India too watches out for the way that no underhanded components enter the Indian soil and exasperate the peace and amicability here. The e visa application ought to outfit every one of the subtle elements required for visa endorsement in the arrangement recommended by the administration.

The candidates can experience our Document prerequisite segment keeping in mind the end goal to ensure that they set up every one of the reports in the recommended organization and record measure. Aside from this the tenets for e visa application are distinctive for various nations. The inhabitants of a select gathering of nations are qualified to apply for the e visa administrations. To check if one’s nation’s name shows up in the rundown of nations permitted to apply for e visa benefits or not he/she can visit our Instructions for candidate area. In this segment the candidate can likewise check on the off chance that he/she satisfies all the fundamental criteria required for getting e visa endorsement.


The visa endorsement process is under the sole prudence of the Government of India authorities. In any case we as an association put our times of involvement behind guaranteeing that every one of our candidates gets their visa endorsements on time. Yet, we don’t ensure that the application will dependably prompt visa endorsements attributable to a scope of components. It’s vital that the candidates are educated about the different terms and conditions identified with e visa endorsement. We are clarifying the Terms and conditions into straightforward, straightforward dialect with the goal that the candidates know about the arrangement of conditions and there is straightforwardness in the entire procedure of applying for e visas for India.

Terms and conditions related to Fee payment:-

E Visa handling charge is INR 9250.00 (Approx USD 135) for go following 4 days and inside 180 days from the date of accommodation of the e-Visa application. Conversion scale appropriate per traveler barring trade charge for credit/check cards. The expense must be paid no less than 4 days before the normal date of movement filled by you generally application won’t be handled.


E Visa pressing handling charge is INR 19850.00 (Approx USD 294) for movement inside 4 days from the date of accommodation of the e Visa application and pay for the critical preparing. Conversion standard pertinent per traveler barring exchange charge for credit/check cards.

Legislature of India saves all rights to roll out any improvements in the prerequisites and charges for India e Visa with no earlier notice. Expense charges of may incorporate, yet are not restricted to, Indian Embassy Fees and different charges of the separate international safe haven (consular expenses and so forth) isn’t in charge of any such changes by international safe haven or for any misfortune or defer identifying with such changes.

Visa charges are non-refundable and non-transferrable. Endorsement or dismissal of the visa application relies upon the choice of the Government Immigrations office. Your application might be dismissed by them and please make a special effort to be educated that the experts are not at risk to give any reason against the dismissal. Regardless after accommodation of utilization the visa expense is non-refundable.

How to Know about Indian e Visa | How to Apply for Indian e visa

About Us:-

We are specialist co-ops who work in encouraging e visa endorsements for International travelers. We apply for e visa endorsements for the benefit of the International guests. The base camp of our association is situated in Delhi  is a business association which encouraging/consultancy for Indian e Visa administrations for International explorer to India. The expenses incorporate the visa endorsement charges charged by the Government of India.

Our association is contained a group of handpicked experts who aptitude in encouraging e visa endorsements. The group is submitted towards its proverb of empowering International vacationers to get a look at the deep rooted Indian culture and history. The inquiries of International sightseers are addressed immediately by our master group who investigate every possibility to give quality administrations to our important customers. We guarantee that the security of candidates is ensured no matter what and the administrations we give stay straightforward. This straightforwardness is reflected by our drive to mail the visa endorsement dismissal confirmation that we give unequivocally to the candidates whose visa couldn’t be affirmed by the authorities of Government of India. We don’t give the candidate’s subtle elements to any outsider or association and all the data we gather are entirely to ensure visa endorsement for the candidates.


It’s likewise significant that our association is not the slightest bit partnered to the Government of India. The legislature of India is the sole issuing specialist of the e visa endorsements. We are private specialist organizations and the candidates who wish to apply for Indian e visa straightforwardly can visit the Government of India worked destinations to benefit electronic visa offices without paying any extra administration charges.

Security Policy:-

In these quickly changing circumstances the web has developed to be a standout amongst the most favored mediums for applying for a scope of administrations including e visa offices. The candidates are however worried about their own data being in safe hands. Here we endeavor to disclose to the clients about our unflinching duty towards guaranteeing that the information gave by the candidates isn’t utilized for some other purposes separated from the help of visa endorsement process.

We gather the names and private locations of candidates for visa endorsement benefits alongside their email id and contact number. The email id is utilized to keep the candidates refreshed about the status of their e visa endorsement. We may contact the candidates through their messages or telephone numbers with the end goal of their profitable inputs or our association’s exploration. The candidates can quit these by essentially sending us an email. We don’t share the data gave to us by the candidates to any association or outsider for benefit.