What is the India E-Tourist Visa exactly?

India is really a standout amongst the most paramount goals to visit when venturing to the far corners of the planet. From Jaipur, Delhi, Agra to the heavenly Varanasi, India offers awesome and enchanted locales for the youthful and old alike. On the off chance that you like extravagant royal residences, beautiful bazaars, sanctuary carvings, Bollywood motion pictures and off base structures, for example, the Taj Mahal, at that point need the India E-Tourist Visa to influence your India to movement dreams a reality.

When we first left on our movements in the start of 2014, we knew we needed to visit India however we didn’t know how to approach getting the required visa for a visit while we were out and about. Before, traveling to India was somewhat of a procedure. There were government office’s included, heaps of printed material, long hold up times and indeterminate outcomes. However today, several subjects from everywhere throughout the world would now be able to apply online for their India E-Tourist Visa as opposed to going to an Indian government office in their nation of origin or amid their movements.


What is the India E-Tourist Visa (eTV) exactly?

The Indian Government chose to permit the subjects from in excess of 100 nations to apply for a visa online to be utilized upon landing as opposed to requiring that each guest acquire a visa through a consulate as they did before. The e-Tourist Visa Platform with an end goal to help their tourism industry.

The India Tourist Visa is an electronic here and now visitor visa legitimate for 30 days. It replaces the customary visa name or stamp in an international ID that you would have gotten face to face at the Indian Consulate.

What are the Restrictions of the India e-Visa?

It is important to note that the India e-visa can only be used at certain airports in India upon arrival to the country. The list below provides the city names where you can enter with an e-visa. Any other entry cities or ports of entry will require you have a visa already in your passport that has been obtained from an embassy.

Ahmedabad,Amritsar,Bangalore,Chennai,Cochin,Delhi,Gaya,Goa,Hyderabad,Jaipur,Kolkata,Lucknow,Mumbai,Trivandrum,Tiruchirapalli,Varanasi etc.

How can you apply for the Indian e-Tourist Visa (eTV)?

  • Fill out the online application with your personal information at the following website: https://www.indianetouristvisa.co.in/eVisa/information1.php.
  • It is crucial that you apply in advance of your departure to India and have the visa approval email in hand before you depart.
  • You will receive emails throughout the application process with clear instructions.


  • Receive your visa in PDF format ready to print. Check your spam folder just in case as privacy settings often divert your mails there instead of your Inbox.


  • Travel to India and have an amazing time


India is a fascinating place to visit and now the process of obtaining an India visa is easier than ever. If you found this article helpful in obtaining your Indian E-Visa, let us know below.



How to Know About Online Indian Visa Process

e visa for India is a defining moment advantage started by the Government of India recollecting a definitive goal to affect impacting an excursion to India to an objective and inconvenience free understanding for the comprehensive guests. India e visa has been further subcategorized into e helpful visa, e business visa and e tourist visa for India. The candidates can apply for any of these visa game plans relying upon their motivation of visit to India. The entire strategy is completely online in nature and the e visa bolster is immediate educated to the candidate. The overall guests need to pass on their liberal worldwide ID and a printed adjustment of their e visa endorsing to get area into the Indian Territory.


Visa bolster is the sole ace of concern office of Government of India and http://www.indianetouristvisa.co.in isn’t tried and true in any capacity for disavowal of visa underpins by the official pros for at all reasons. By and by we should offer affirmation to the candidates confirming the refusal of their e visa applications. For any help you may contact client mind number 24×7 and mail us at support@indianetouristvisa.co.in.

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Online Visa Processing:-

Quick Track and Visa Services for who need to get visa desperately in 18 to 24 working hours. Preparing time of e tourist visa application Form will be 16 working hours from receipt of the installment of visa applications alongside reports. This administration will be finished with extra charges. Apply India Online Visa and Get Visa Approval in 12 to 16 Business Hours. For Details Kindly get in touch with us: support@indianetouristvisa.co.in and 3 assigned seaports (i.e. Cochin, Goa, Mangalore). Be that as it may, the outsider can take exit from any of the approved Immigration Check Posts (ICPs) in India.

Apply Online Visa:-

e-Visa is substantial for 180 days from the date of entry. It must be profited inside its time of legitimacy. In the event that you are going with the motivation behind Tourism or Business then it will be legitimate for two sections and for Medical reason it will be substantial for three passages from the date of the primary landing date in India. It permits a most extreme of two visits in a date-book year. The office is substantial for section through 24 assigned Airports.

Make good efforts to apply for urgent tourist Visa India

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It is very important for you to ensure of searching for the right source where you can apply for urgent tourist Visa India. You should try to take the best steps that would lead to feel much satisfied out of it.

You should make sure of taking the perfect steps as to how it would be possible for you to find the right source for applying tourist Visa.  It is important for you to find out all good details on how it would be possible to get the right one that would help in getting your requirement fulfilled. It is therefore important for you to find out all good details as to how it can be possible to get the ultimate source that would get the work done in the best way. Some good steps should be taken that would help in making it possible to feel quite glad of your own choice that you have made in the right manner. So, you have to look forward to finding all good details if you really wish to find the right source where you can apply for urgent tourist Visa India.

  • Find the right way to apply: You should try to make your perfect attempt to look for all the right information as to how you can apply for the ultimate India Visa. By making your right selection for India visa application, it would help you to feel quite satisfied. Therefore you have to ensure of looking forward to finding the best service provider.

Look for its eligibility: When you try to search for the best urgent Medical Visa India then you should definitely try to look forward to its eligibility. This would help you in adding to your own satisfaction where you can find time effective services in the best manner. Therefore you should definitely make the right effort to contact the best one for your requirement. It would help you to find that it has really helped in satisfying your purpose without any worry at all for you. Visit: https://www.indianetouristvisa.co.in/about-us.php


Indian e-Tourist Visa

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