Guide to Indian Visa application for tourists

Most countries need a Visa to go to India, even just for tourism reasons. However, getting an Indian Visa is much easier than ever, and the Indian Visa application process now includes the option to get an e-Visa. It’s also cheaper than before. Canadians, Americans, Australians, and British nationals are all among the long list of countries now eligible for 10-year tourist Visas and the new e-Visa for India. To find out if your nationality is on the list, click here: Indian Visa Online.

There are essentially two types of Indian Visas for tourists

To apply for a six-month (or longer) tourist Visa, you need to apply at an Indian mission (see links above for examples of Consulate Generals and High Commissions). You have to apply online, print the form and bring it to your local consulate. There will be many very specific rules, such as the exact dimensions of the photos you need to bring. If you don’t follow the guidelines precisely, and to the letter, they will not accept your application. Likewise, if there are any mistakes, such as a name misspelled.


To get detailed information about the e-Visa

To apply for the new e-Visa facility, you can apply online on this page: Indian Visa Online. See below for more details.

E-Visa (Indian Visa) process

The e-Visa is for: “International Travellers whose sole objective of visiting India is recreation, sightseeing, casual visit to meet friends or relatives, short duration medical treatment or casual business visit” according to the Indian government website.

Indian Visa

The currency crisis may be keeping the number of Indian visa applicants down, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the lull. Travel Visa Pro’s team of experts can assist you with getting your visa for India whether you’re just looking for an escape to Agra or need to arrange a meeting with important business clients.

Indian Visa Services

Applying for an Indian visa online gives travelers 30 days in the country, and you don’t even have to hand over your passport; just print the electronic visa and have it ready at immigration when you arrive. Flying to India has never been easier now that the government accepts applications for e-visas online. We provide most India travel visa types. International travelers whose sole objective is sightseeing or a short visit to meet friends or relatives are eligible for a tourist visa in India. Travel Visa Pro will walk our clients through the process from start to finish and get you on your flight with a smile on your face and a passport ready to be stamped. As always, US passport holders should have at least six months’ validity from the date of arrival in India and at least two blank pages for immigration. In addition, travelers may be required to submit proof of their onward journey and sufficient money for their stay in India.

Indian visa application form

Filling out an Indian visa application, like any other piece of paperwork issued by a foreign government, can be confusing even for weathered travelers. Visa applies to your visit to India. Those with short stays of 30 days or less qualify for Tourist Visas and e-Tourist Visas. Travelers coming to India for work qualify for Business Visas or Employment Visas.

Start Your Indian Visa Application Online

Complete our enquiry form online or come into one of our nine offices across the US. Our staff is available in every city containing an Indian consulate or embassy. As always, US citizens are expected to carry a passport with at least six months’ validity and enough room in its pages to accommodate an Indian visa; one blank page is recommended. In addition, you should come with a Travel Visa Pro order form, your Indian visa application, and any other information relevant to your trip, including flight schedule, hotel confirmation emails, and business contacts when applicable.


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Every foreign national who wants to enter India must possess the valid international travel documents, including their national passports and a valid visa, which can be obtained from a post abroad or an Indian mission. All of the individuals traveling to India are advised to apply for an Indian visa online, for easier visa inquiry and application.

The visa application form should be completed in full before submission. It should then be delivered directly to the Indian Mission or to the relevant Indian Visa Application Center (IVAC), on the interview date you scheduled, along with necessary complementary documents. You can see all the instructions for filling the form and how the interview can be scheduled at the Instructions for Regular Visa Application.

How to Obtain an Indian Visa

Persons going to India are advised to use the website to make an application for the entry visa. In any case, no handwritten application forms can be accepted in any Indian Mission Post especially if the online Visa application facility has been implemented in your country. If you already applied for the visa online and you would like to know more about the status of the application, you can check the websites visa inquiry tab. Details and more descriptions about your application will be availed in the page.


The Indian Mission needs at least 3 working days upon the receipt of your Visa application through the direct means or the IVAC, to fully process your case and issue you a visa according to your nationality and excluding some special cases as well. The online Indian visa application facility lets people going to India into a person to upload a digital image or photograph before the completion of the regular visa application Website.

Applying for your Indian E visa

Online visa agencies can typically process Indian e-Tourist visas in about 4 business days. Access the form here.

For the photograph, the height and the width must be of equal size. The photo should be the front view, full face with eyes open. The center head must be within the frame and should present the full head from the top hair to the lowest point of the chin. In addition, the background should essentially be of plain color, preferably light colored or white background. There should be no shadows on the background or on the face.

The Visa fee will depend on the type of visa applied such as Indian Goa visa, for as well as the duration of the visa like a 5-year Indian Visa. The fee is divided into different types including basic fee, processing fee, special fee, and other fees from the out-sourcing agency. Once received, the fees are non-refundable even when the application is withdrawn before the visa was granted and if the visa is issued for shorter periods than those applied for.

Note: As soon as you submit your visa application form you will receive a receipt number that allows you to track the progress of the processing of your e-Tourist Visa. It takes a minimum of 4 working days to get e-Tourist Visa approval. As soon as you submit your visa application form you will receive a receipt number that allows you to track the progress of the processing of your e-Tourist Visa. It takes a minimum of 4 working days to get e-Tourist Visa approval.